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A 15-year-old, undergoes Heart Transplant at CIMS

Time of Publication 16 Nov 2021 ( Read 2916 Times)
A 15-yearold from Junagadh has undergone successful heart transplant surgery at CIMS Multi Super Specialty Hospital in Ahmedabad, becoming the...

Geetanjali College and School of Nursing celebrated lamp lighting ceremony

Time of Publication 29 Sep 2021 ( Read 3074 Times)
GeetanjaliCollege andSchool ofNursing'sB.Sc. Nursing 13th and G.N.M of 12th batch. Organized lamp lighting and oath-taking program for the...

770 gm premature baby gets new life

Time of Publication 29 Sep 2021 ( Read 1593 Times)
The hard work of one and a half months of the doctors of Pacific Medical College and Hospital has paid off. Baby Kavita (name changed) whose ...

Paras JK Hospital performs single incision state-of-the-art surgery

Time of Publication 29 Sep 2021 ( Read 1877 Times)
RecentlyDr.AbhishekVyasofParas JKHospital, performed laparoscopic surgery with the help of a single incisionandremovedthegallsacofapatient...

Cardiac surgery for sporadic heart disease at PIMS Hospital

Time of Publication 26 Jul 2021 ( Read 5220 Times)
Physicians at Pacific Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Hospital, Umrda, have successfully performed cardiac surgery for sporadic heart...

Indira IVF achieves 85000 successful IVF pregnancies ahead of World IVF Day a first in India

Time of Publication 26 Jul 2021 ( Read 2934 Times)
India’s largest infertility treatments chain, Indira IVF, has completed 85,000 successful IVF pregnancies, becoming the first in India to achieve the...

As soon as the pressure of the veins was removed, the older woman started walking.

Time of Publication 26 Jul 2021 ( Read 4055 Times)
An older woman who was unable to move due to pressure on the spinal cord nerves was operated on at GBH General and Memorial Cancer Hospital ...

Health Span Should Be Motivated Over Life Span

Time of Publication 26 Jul 2021 ( Read 3607 Times)
According to the World Health Statistics Report 2021, the average age in the world is increasing, but the healthy average age is not showing the same result. ...

700-gm infant undergoes cardiac surgery at CIMS

Time of Publication 08 Jul 2021 ( Read 5364 Times)
In an amazing and extremely challenging feat, a 700-gram infant that had premature birth has been successfully operated on for ...

A Detailed discussion on "Yoga is an introduction" at Geetanjali Hospital

Time of Publication 29 Jun 2021 ( Read 5453 Times)
A two-day program on International Yoga Day was organized at Geetanjali Medical College and Hospital under Dr. D.C. Kumawat's guidance...

Successful operation of a cancerous lump in the kidney of a two-year-old child

Time of Publication 29 Jun 2021 ( Read 4263 Times)
In the Paras J. K. hospital, doctors have successfully operated a cancerous lump in the kidney of a two-year-old child. Urologist Dr. Mukesh Sevag ...

Crysta IVF adds two new centers in Delhi and Mumbai; eyes total 25 centers by year-end

Time of Publication 25 Jun 2021 ( Read 5157 Times)
Delhi-based Crysta IVF, one of India's most trusted fertility chains, announced the launch of two new centers in Delhi and Mumbai. The center in Delhi was launched in collaboration with Fertile Solutions IVF & Research Center (FSIVF) and in Mumbai with Corion Fertility, respectively. With the launch of these facilities...

Vice Chancellor of Social Concerns : Prof. Amarika Singh

Time of Publication 31 May 2021 ( Read 9901 Times)
"Prof. Singh said that in his personal life his family values have provided inspiration to always put human services on priority. We should devote our human life to helping others. We must coordinate human values in Peshawar and social life. Must be established. ...

Yoga is the key to happiness: Dr. Dipendra Singh

Time of Publication 29 May 2021 ( Read 6770 Times)
In a webinar on Yoga and Wellbeing, the Coordinator of the Sports Board of Sukhadia University said as a ...
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