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Amixed bag of results

Time of Publication 16 Nov 2021 ( Read 2288 Times)
The results of the October 30 byelections have stung the BJP government in Himachal Pradesh, a year before the hill state goes to the polls. The...

Digital health ID

Time of Publication 29 Sep 2021 ( Read 4012 Times)
With the nation wide launch of the  Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission, India has rolled out an ambitious project to provide a digital health ID to every ...

Spyware for snooping

Time of Publication 26 Jul 2021 ( Read 6033 Times)
The expose of the use of the Pegasus spyware, manufactured by an Israeli firm — which the company claims is sold only to ‘vetted’ ...

Politician as a Writer!

Time of Publication 08 Jul 2021 ( Read 3589 Times)


Time of Publication 29 Jun 2021 ( Read 5745 Times)
During the last few weeks, we have collectively controlled the Covid-19 position and started reopening Shops, Markets, Museums, Restaurants, and...

Biggest infrastructure initiatives happening in the country

Time of Publication 29 May 2021 ( Read 6088 Times)
City Gas Distribution is probably one of the biggest infrastructure initiatives happening in the country and once the network comes out it would ...

Excessivse Centralization of Power Responsible for Escalation of Violence in Gaza

Time of Publication 20 May 2021 ( Read 6684 Times)
The dominance of USA on the United Nations and the concentration of power in one pole has resulted in the escalation of violence in Gaza. Since...

E-Biking to Work

Time of Publication 12 May 2021 ( Read 6069 Times)
With all the buzz on EVs and government’s push towards incentives, charging infrastructure and what not, let us bring to light one specific EV that is silently...

Election Commission of India in the dock

Time of Publication 03 May 2021 ( Read 8036 Times)

To win an election.....

Time of Publication 26 Apr 2021 ( Read 6550 Times)
When Rome was burning, Nero was playing on his flute. The situation has worsened now. Rome is burning and Nero is campaigning to win an election which...

Baisakhi Amidst Farmer’s Protest

Time of Publication 14 Apr 2021 ( Read 6381 Times)
Baisakhi is a harvest festival and involves food, music and dance. Baisakhi is the Sikh New Year's Day as it is not just a Spring-time harvest festival...

Bengal’s Battle for Ballot

Time of Publication 09 Apr 2021 ( Read 7361 Times)
The stage is set for the third phase of polling in West Bengal tomorrow. The state election has recorded a high turnout in the first two phases and the trend ...

Mixed bag of honour

Time of Publication 26 Mar 2021 ( Read 6891 Times)
Murmurs have already begun and barbs are already being pointed, if not hurled, at some of the recipients of the 67th National Awards. As ...

Keeping couples safe

Time of Publication 22 Mar 2021 ( Read 10600 Times)
That the Punjab and Haryana High Court has had to make the availability of safe houses for runaway couples in each district of Punjab and ...
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