:: Editorial

That Fractured Mandate

Time of Publication 29 Nov 2019 ( Read 336 Times)
The Maharashtra melodrama is far from over, but one thing has been established, yet again – political parties will do anything...

Will leave you in blues.....

Time of Publication 23 Nov 2019 ( Read 702 Times)
Life's all about how you react to a certain action of nature. If you take sorrow very seriously, it will leave you in blues.And your strong...

India Moves On

Time of Publication 13 Nov 2019 ( Read 655 Times)
The Ayodhya verdict was expected to be the biggest court decision in recent decades.And it proved to be the same. The honorable...

The True Investment

Time of Publication 05 Nov 2019 ( Read 922 Times)
When you invest in good things, returns are bound to be good. At times you get instant results while more than often you have to ...

Rekindling the childhood

Time of Publication 31 Oct 2019 ( Read 826 Times)
Everything is going digital and that's a fantastic thing to happen. Technology is giving up those powers that we used to hear in ancien...

Diwali, the Udaipur Way

Time of Publication 25 Oct 2019 ( Read 1322 Times)
Immersed in the festivities, the city of lakes is celebrating the biggest festival of the year with a great deal of enthusiasm...

A tip for living

Time of Publication 15 Oct 2019 ( Read 1361 Times)
The sheer realization that you must start living rather than just surviving is a great start towards a wonderful life. Now, the next step...

Reclaim your life

Time of Publication 03 Oct 2019 ( Read 1055 Times)
Mocking the old traditions and seeing the foreign culture and following their lifestyle is now nose-diving. The present generation ...

Check Your Coolness Quotient!

Time of Publication 18 Sep 2019 ( Read 1622 Times)
Completing its 95 percent of the total target, Chandrayaan2 and Indian Research Space Organization have made us proud....

The Story Time

Time of Publication 05 Sep 2019 ( Read 1899 Times)
The older we get, the more stories we should have to share with our kids. And we have them of course. But in the wake of the ...

Check your Karma

Time of Publication 29 Aug 2019 ( Read 1631 Times)
Sooner or later, people realize that they must change their way of life to get more out of it. Be it love, success, money, or peace; ...

Trust Your Opinion – That Matters!

Time of Publication 22 Aug 2019 ( Read 1958 Times)
Unless you are obligated, you can easily be fair with any news and react sensibly. This one can put you in a bunch of a few people...

India is Awesome!

Time of Publication 16 Aug 2019 ( Read 1583 Times)
The free India is now 73 years old. Given this period and consideringthechallengesandissues,wehavedonegreatindeed. In these seven d...

Take a Break!

Time of Publication 10 Aug 2019 ( Read 1995 Times)
August is one of the most celebrated months in the year in Udaipur.Afew weeks ofrain has already painted the city green, and now...

The Other Side of Monsoon

Time of Publication 02 Aug 2019 ( Read 2510 Times)
Themonsoonis uponus,andsois thesideeffects.Potholes, which is a perennial problem, continues to haunt the citizens yet again. ...
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